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  • One-to-One Device Program

    The school’s one-to-one device program gives students in grades 6-12 a laptop to use at school and at home if desired. Grades 4 and 5 have individual use of laptops that remain on campus. The school maintains the laptop and its software. Students in grades K-3 have individual iPads to use on campus. 
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  • Course Management

    Course materials, assignments, homework, and major assessments are posted online using a learning management system located on the school’s website. Using a learning management system allows for student access to their assignments anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Email Accounts

    Students receive email accounts beginning in the fourth grade. Usage, however, is limited. Fourth grade students can receive email from their teachers. Fifth grade students can send/receive email to/from their classmates and teachers. Sixth grade students and older can send and receive Internet email in addition to school-wide email users.
  • Internet Access

    Access to the web is directed and supervised in the lower grades with more independent access in the upper grades. Web access is filtered on the school network.

Ethics and Use Guidelines

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  • Technology Use Statement of Ethics

    The Dalton School computer network puts enormous power at the fingertips of all members of this community - students, faculty, staff, and family. Inherent in the use of this power, however, is the understanding that it rests on the school's stated values and therefore requires its users to accept the same ethical responsibilities that govern other spheres of school life. The school assumes that individual users will be responsible for their behavior and communication over the network and that they will comply with school standards. The use of the network, like all other aspects of school life, is built on trust.
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  • Guidelines for Use of Internet and Online Services

    In providing links to any off-campus network, the school is required to follow that carrier's acceptable use policy in addition to our own. Those granted either the full or supervised use of the Internet through a Dalton connection must remember that they become online representatives of the school when they exercise this privilege. Violations of the stated rules and guidelines in such situations reflect not only on the individual user but also on the school. Moreover, since a system as vast as the Internet inevitably includes some unethical or even dangerous users, Dalton users are urged not to give out personal information to other users on bulletin boards, chat boards, or other systems.
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