Website User Agreements

Protecting Students' Privacy

We have outlined specific policies and procedures for the protection of Dalton website users and The School. Please become familiar with these policies and with the school's four categories of websites before using and/or providing content for the School's Public, Community, Blog, or Courses website pages.

In order to keep our students safe and represent their interests fairly, anyone publishing content created by or about Dalton students should address the following questions:

List of 2 items.

  • Does this publication:

    • allow individuals outside of the Dalton community to identify a student?
    • enable individuals outside of the Dalton community to locate a student at a certain point in time?
    • represent students in a fair and publicly acceptable manner?
    • adhere to the specifics of the privacy agreements between students and the school?
  • Those responsible for posting information by and about students should respect the following guidelines:

    All Divisions
    • Based on the admissions and re-enrollment contract agreements, posting photos and videos of students on Dalton sites is permissible; however, there are different guidelines depending on the students’ division.
    • Email links to individual students, their phone numbers or personal addresses must not appear on any publicly accessible school website.
    First Program and Middle School
    • Student names must not be verbalized, displayed, nor captioned in audio or video clips unless permission is provided by the parent/guardian for specific events.
    • On publicly accessible sites: Students must not be identified by name in captions associated with photos or videos.
    • Students must not be identified in displayed schoolwork.
    • Calendars indicating a student’s location at a scheduled date and time may only appear under password protection and should not be included.
    High School 
    • Captions identifying students in photos or videos may be included under special circumstances, such as announcing athletics or academic achievements. Otherwise, refer to the naming rules for First Program and Middle School students.
    • In most circumstances, when displaying student works or achievements, students’ first names and graduating years may be displayed to determine authorship. Students reserve the right to refuse to have their work displayed.
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