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  • Board of Trustees

    Dalton has a Board of Trustees whose role is to set important policies for the school and oversee its operations. The Board meets monthly to discuss developments at the school and vote on policy decisions.
  • Dalton Council

    The Dalton Council is an advisory group of parents to the Board of Trustees and functions in a similar fashion to the Board Committees. The Chair of the Dalton Council is appointed by the President of the Board of Trustees. The council addresses topics of interest to the Board and reports to the Board the results and recommendations from the several studies conducted each year.


Alan Klein*
Aly Sheezar Jeddy* J.P. Singh
Jim Best*
Head of School
Leah Johnson  Ramsey Smith
Ronnie Abrams ’86
 Olati Johnson Ashley Smyth*
Timothy Barakett*  Jonathan Korngold Deirdre Stanley
Mark Chan
Eric J. Lee* Andrew Weinberg ’92 
John Clark Daniel Lubetzky Judy Eick
PA President
Jennie Tarr Coyne 97
Bruce Menin James Frischling '86
Alumni Representative
Dasha Smith Dwin*
Chandni Prasad Sarah Kerman
Co-President Faculty Association
Deirdre Flynn*
 Zach Schreiber Student Council President
Jennifer Glassman Theodore Schwartz '83 Senior Class Representative
  Ishaan Seth Junior Class Representative 
  *Executive Committee Members


James Best
 Head of School
B.A., U. of North Carolina
  M.A., Ed.D. Teachers College

Dr. Lisa Waller
 Assistant Head of School 
for Progressive and   Inclusive Practice
  B.A., Oberlin College
  M.A., Duke University
  Ph.D., Duke University

Nora Elish
 First Program Director
  B.A., Princeton University
  M.S.Ed., Bank Street College 
Tracy Fedonchik
Middle School Director
  B.A., Fairfield University  
  M.S.Ed., Bank Street College

Celeste Herrera
 High School Director
  B.A., University of N. C. - Chapel Hill
  M.S. Ed. University of Pennsylvania

Michael Hwang

 Chief Financial Officer
  B.S., Boston College  
  M.B.A., Syracuse University

Emily Kasof

 Director of Development
  B.A., State University of NY
  M.A., Columbia University
Elisabeth (Babby) Krents ’68
 Admissions Director
  B.A., Harvard College
  M.A., Teachers College
  Ph.D., Columbia University

John Neiers

 Technology Director
  B.A., U. of Notre Dame
  M.A., Teacher's College

Jim M. Zulakis

 Communication Director
B.A., Coe College