The Dalton School Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Going Forth

Where We Begin

Welcome to Dalton today — and tomorrow

Planning is in Dalton’s DNA. We were founded on a progressive plan. We are always looking for ways to thoughtfully pursue new ideas, new possibilities and new ways to be the best version of ourselves.
Our Bright Tomorrow

Choices, Assumptions and Ambitions: An Introduction to the Strategic Plan

The process of developing this plan has been intensive and inclusive. We began by conducting quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups with every constituency in the Dalton community. Our Board provided feedback, guidance and structure at every stage of revision and re-imagining. The following pages are the result of more than a year of listening to the people of Dalton — their hopes and dreams, their concerns and critiques, their ambitions and aspirations.

Dalton: Going Forth

Five Priorities

Moving Forward Together

Where We're Going
This is a five-year plan—long enough to establish a vision, short enough to put it into practice. It is a plan that assumes a constant process of re-examination and re-invigoration. It should leave Dalton nimble, refreshed and well-resourced in 2023.

As we move forward, we will use Dalton’s founding principles as a touchstone for our priorities, initiatives and actions. As we bring the plan to life, we want to make sure that:
  • Our generosity gives us the resources to live out our enduring vision: meeting the needs and ambitions of our students. 
  • Our environment reflects our values: collaboration, community, innovation. 
  • Our behaviors align with our convictions: equity and inclusivity, wellness and balanced living, support for student and faculty creativity and exploration.
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