Scholastic Announces Dalton Award Winners in Art and Writing

The annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards recognized 25 Dalton students for their excellence in photography, film & animation, drawing & illustration, journalism, poetry, flash fiction, and other art and literary categories.
The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is a series of regional and national competitions where students from across the United States compete in 29 art and writing categories. Each year, leaders in the visual and literary art industries judge over 300,000 submissions by criteria such as originality, technical skill, and personal voice or vision.
Dalton students from 8th through 12th grade won 43 total accolades, including 13 coveted Gold Key awards, which are automatically considered for national-level recognition. Congratulations to all of our Scholastic winners for their deep commitment to creativity and the arts!
Scholastic Art Award Winners - 2020
Eli Diker9Gold KeyPhotographyHannah Dripped Developer
Eli Diker9Gold KeyPhotographyPenelope
Lauren Kim12Gold KeyFilm & Animationjourney
Dylan Lee11Gold KeyArchitecture &
Industrial Design
Articulated Whale-Bone Lamp
Dylan Lee11Gold KeyFuture NewJigsaw Hidden Opening Box
Eli Diker9Silver KeyPhotographyJuggler in Union Square
Dagmar Rothschild9Silver KeyPhotographyMadagascar, 2019
Dagmar Rothschild9Silver KeyPhotographySoldier, Israel, 2018
Nina Sloan12Silver KeyArt PortfolioBound: Narratives in Book Arts
Eli Diker9Honorable MentionPhotographyMan Playing Chess in Union Square
Eli Diker9Honorable MentionPhotographyTimes Square Statue of Liberty
Phoebe Oblak9Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationKira
Dagmar Rothschild9Honorable MentionPhotographyGrand central station, 2019
Theodore Strauss12Honorable MentionPhotographyCaptain on the Nile
Theodore Strauss12Honorable MentionPhotographyEnchained
Theodore Strauss12Honorable MentionPhotographyGolden Maze
Theodore Strauss12Honorable MentionPhotographySmooth Talker
Rebecca Wasserman10Honorable MentionPhotographyGridded Portrait
Scholastic Writing Award Winners - 2020
Cole Corper7Gold KeyFlash FictionBlank Space
Zoe Ehrenkranz10Gold KeyPoetryAshes to Ashes, Saline Song
Ciara Flaherty10Gold KeyPoetryMy Grandmother's House
Ciara Flaherty10Gold KeyPoetryDiscomfort
Christopher Kim11Gold KeyJournalismThe Impact of Japanese Colonial Rule on Current Bilateralism between the Republic of Korea and Japan.
Kaitlyn Pohly10Gold KeyPoetryMama
JJ Yu11Gold KeyPoetrynot crucified:  worn away/Post- /Permafrost
JJ Yu11Gold KeyPoetryflats/cleaner/the walk
Leo Yu9Gold KeyCritical EssayA Warning
Leo Yu9Gold KeyCritical EssayMorals, Management, & Machiavelli
Ines Chomnalez11Silver KeyPoetrySundays
Zoe Ehrenkranz10Silver KeyPoetryThe Fire Escape,Claustrophobia
Christopher Gumina11Silver KeyPoetryThe Trek
Christopher Gumina11Silver KeyShort StoryBad Luck
Luke Huang9Silver KeyPoetrySilence
Minelle Jeddy9Silver KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirRaana, Means Radiant
Minelle Jeddy9Silver KeyCritical EssayFrom Icarus to Amelia
Julia Miyasaka8Silver KeyPoetryResurrection
Nina Sloan12Silver KeyCritical EssayFallen Father
Rebecca Wasserman10Silver KeyCritical EssaySaltcellar Sellers:  An Analysis of Cross-
Cultural Artistic Fusion
JJ Yu11Silver KeyPoetryLong March -- 29,063 -- Blue Down
JJ Yu11Silver KeyPoetryOlfactory Bulbs: both of them upon me
Mirabelle Zhang8Silver KeyPoetryFears
Ciara Flaherty10Honorable MentionPoetryThe Room
Lauren Kim12Honorable MentionPoetryjonathan
Daniel Slater9Honorable MentionHumorGods of New York: A Buzzfeed Listicle
Alexander Weinberg7Honorable MentionShort StoryThe Journey of a Golfer
Naomi Yanos10Honorable MentionPoetryWhite Collar Crimes
JJ Yu11Honorable MentionCritical EssayThe World Turned Upside Down
Lucas Zhang11Honorable MentionCritical EssayDependence and Enslavement in Toni
Morrison’s A Mercy
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