MS Students Virtually Ascend to Spelling Stardom

Though we missed the energy in the Martin Theater when the spellers take their positions on the stage to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, this year’s grade level spelling bee champions continued their competition at a virtual schoolwide bee.
Challenged to spell words like norimon; souterrain; and assuage, the ten best spellers from Grades 4-8 participated in the first-ever virtual bee. Using the Scripps online testing platform, the spellers were able to compete in this unique event. 

7th grader Olivia Meyer ’26 won the competition when she spelled “wandoo” (noun. Gum tree of Western Australia yielding a hard tough durable wood and a tanning extract). Olivia is a veteran spelling bee participant having made it to the final rounds in 5th and 6th grades! We will be watching closely and cheering Olivia on when she moves on to the New York City citywide virtual Bee this spring.

8th graders Lisa Cruz ’25 and Charlie Kim ’25 took second and third places respectively. Congratulations to all of the students who helped us carry on the spelling bee tradition at Dalton. 

We would also like to recognize the grade level winners who participated in the Scripps National Spelling Bee which can be found below:
4th grade level winners
Jiyaa Khemchandani ’29 
Isabella “Izzy” Canada ’29  

5th grade level winners
Maiya Kang ’28  
Lily Kim-Yatter ’28  

6th grade level winners
Flora Goodman ’27 
Daniel Silverman ’27 

7th grade level winners
Alexander Rubinstein Mash ’26 
Olivia Meyer ’26  

8th grade level winners
Lisa Cruz ’25 
Charlie Kim ’25 

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