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Fibonacci, Flip Books, and Poetry:
Sarah C. Campbell is an award-winning author who creates nonfiction picture books for young readers. Her latest book Growing Patterns focuses on the Fibonacci sequence and patterns in nature.  A group of first grade students created their own Fibonacci flip books.
The children in Jenny Cooley’s reading group read Growing Patterns, learned about patterns in nature, and the Fibonacci Sequence. The students were off to find patterns in FP. They were given the opportunity to go to places in FP where children do not normally enter. They visited the Living Room, the Boiler Room, the Director’s Office, and the Maintenance Room. Using an iPad they took many pictures of patterns. They chose their favorite picture, cropped it and began their Fibonacci folding book. Jenny introduced the children to the Fibonacci Folding Book App. The children followed the step-by-step instructions, and folded their own book. They folded the paper following the sequence; 1,1,2,3,5, and 8. The words of the poem also followed the sequence by their number of syllables. They illustrated their books and enjoyed a publishing party. The students shared what they had learned and read their finished books to other classmates.
Sarah Campbell’s Website http://www.sarahccampbell.com/
Fibonacci Folding Book App is Free!

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