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The Computer Science and Engineering programs at Dalton today provide an opportunity for students to learn how to break down and tackle large challenges. By emphasizing how to embrace experimentation and failure, the program gives students a system for meeting future challenges. In the First Program, educational technologists from the New Lab work closely with faculty to introduce technology tools for learning in purposeful, responsible, and developmentally appropriate ways that support the core curriculum. Within this context, New Lab collaborates with First Program teachers and computer science department colleagues to introduce all K-3 youngsters to the field of computer science. In addition, technologists work with teachers to introduce students to engineering activities. Often these explorations begin as an individual class project that we share with the rest of the grade and division for potential expansion in subsequent years. Critical to both pursuits is a value on the iterative process. The program sees computer science and engineering experiences as tools for Assignments in all subjects for problem solving, self-expression, and collaboration. 

Students practice their engineering skills in Dalton’s robotics courses and in various competitions. Recently, each mixed-age class designs, builds, and programs a robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge, an international competition. Fabrication techniques used include 3D printing, laser cutting, milling, and traditional machining. The Dalton Robotics Team has placed in the top one percent and advanced to the World Championship in each of the past many years.


  • Photo of Rebecca Erde
    Rebecca Erde
    Makerspace Coordinator
    Rhode Island School of Design - M.S.
    Washington University in St. Louis - B.S.
  • Photo of Molly Josephs
    Molly Josephs
    HS/MS Computer Science Teacher
    Brown University - B.A.
    Harvard University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Sheikh Muizz
    Sheikh Muizz
    High School Computer Science Teacher
    Fordham University - B.S.
  • Photo of Christina Tobajas
    Christina Tobajas
    Computer Science Teacher
    Columbia University - B.A.
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