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Centennial Campaign

Centennial Campaign Closes Raising a Historic $108 Million

In July 2015 we began the quiet phase of The Dalton Centennial Campaign to raise funds for Strategic Plan priorities—including the transformational 89th Street expansion and renovation and key ambitious programmatic initiatives.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we’re thrilled to report that during our five-year campaign we raised more than $108 million, the highest total amount of any single fundraising effort in Dalton’s history, in support of Strategic Plan priorities and the Annual Fund.

Proceeds helped fund crucial strategic plan goals—which prioritize the evolving needs of our students and faculty by advancing our mission and aligning our programs, resources, and practices with our core values.

During the five years of the Centennial Campaign, we strengthened Dalton’s foundation from building and renovating physical spaces to growing our endowment. This historic campaign is an affirmation of our community members’ generosity and commitment to our School. The world changed drastically from the beginning to the end of this effort, and thanks to the incredible support of our community we are now in a position of strength to provide for anticipated—and unanticipated—needs in the years ahead.

The Centennial Campaign supported the following Strategic Plan Priorities with the creation and support of a number of new and existing restricted funds:

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  • The Dalton Student

    To balance students’ emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being we laid the groundwork for a robust and cohesive K-12 Health & Wellness curriculum. Supporting our students and families as we navigate school life during a pandemic is a crucial priority.
  • The Dalton Teacher

    The Dalton by Design program was created to ensure consistent, equitable student experiences in all disciplines. Focusing on curricular innovation and excellence, we continue to align professional review and professional growth to support our teachers.

    The Curricular Innovation Fund supports, accelerates, and motivates our programs and culture around innovation, creativity, and fresh perspectives. Our recently renovated facilities facilitate cutting-edge teaching methods, foster project-based, experiential collaboration, and currently provide much needed socially distant space for in-person learning.
    The Ellen C. Stein Faculty Fund, named for our former head of school, was created to celebrate faculty in milestone years who espouse the tenets of The Dalton Plan as innovative leaders, scholars, and exemplary community members. This endowed fund provides monetary stipends to support our teachers—who are the heart and soul of Dalton.
  • The Dalton Citizen

    We’re setting and reinforcing what it means to be thoughtful, responsible community members and implementing numerous initiatives as Dalton works to become an anti-racist institution. We’re creating a K-12 Service Learning program that emphasizes service in New York City and beyond as an essential part of the Dalton experience—prioritizing time for reflection on issues of ethics, equity, inclusion, and social justice. We continue to host a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) conference each spring, and support attendance at DEI professional growth conferences such as the People of Color Conference (POCC).
  • The Dalton Environment

    Our stunning new 89th Street facilities feature an open, collaborative engineering space, a new teaching kitchen, a state-of-the-art science center, versatile dance and art studios, and a centrally-located library. A total of 32,000 square feet was impacted during this once-in-a-generation project—a 12,200 square foot, two-story rooftop expansion to the existing 12-story 89th Street building as well as renovations and repurposing of existing space. These additional floors and renovations facilitate new, more collaborative ways of learning and inspire creativity, inclusion, and excellence among community members—and now, provide socially-distant space for in-person opportunities.
  • The Dalton Trajectory

    We welcome extraordinary students from all backgrounds and are resolute in providing students with financial assistance; 20% of our students receive tuition assistance thanks in part to the Endowed Financial Assistance Fund and other named tuition assistance funds. 

    The Head of School Community Support Fund was established to ensure that all students have access to what they need to succeed at Dalton and helps to cover expenses beyond the cost of tuition.
For more information contact Hannah Cobin, Interim Director of Advancement, 212-423-5316 or

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