Hispanic Cinema Students Study Cuba Through Film and Culture

In Carlos San Juan’s Hispanic Cinema class, students are studying Cuba through film and culture. As a precursor to their viewing of several Cuban movies, students watched a very special video of a virtual tour of Havana. The video was different from most in that it was filmed with 360-degree views and narrated completely in Spanish.
With the help of special goggles, students were able to view scenes that were occurring behind them, above them, and all around, thus affording each student a unique view of this famous city. After watching the 10-minute video, students discussed what they heard and saw, while answering targeted questions in Spanish about the scenes.
Señor San Juan, along with several colleagues in the Spanish department, will be developing more thematic lessons using this new technology. He has plans to design a unit on immigration for HS Spanish students, on music and holidays for the MS, and music for First Program. ¡Bravo!

Story and photos provided by Lori Langer de Ramirez
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