Dalton World Language Faculty Attend an Oral Proficiency Interview Workshop

Over two weekends in October, Dalton World Language faculty participated in a workshop to familiarize themselves with the OPI – Oral Proficiency Interview – a proficiency-based assessment for language learners. Dr. Cynthia Martin, a professor of Russian language from the University of Maryland, led the workshop and shared a wealth of ideas over the four days.
Several Dalton students volunteered to help teachers practice the administration of the assessment and served as tester/interviewees. They included: Sofie Fusco '19, Samantha Pohly '19, Claire Bushell '20, Julien Loo '17, Molly Goldberg '18, Elie Farah '19, Elijah Henderson '19 and Amaryllis Argueta '18.

The students impressed participants with their language proficiency as well as their grace under the pressure of being tested in front of 18 teachers!

Story and photos provided by Lori Langer de Ramirez, Ed.D.
Director, World and Classical Languages & Global Language Initiatives