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Internships Program

The Dalton Internship Program is the result of a collaborative effort initiated several years ago by parents, administrators, and faculty members. It is a unique opportunity for motivated Dalton High School students to tap their intellectual curiosity and explore their passions, talents, and interests. Qualified High School students who have demonstrated academic strength and maturity can work either part-time after school or full-time during summer and school vacations. 

The Community Connections Committee, a sub-committee of the Dalton Council, works to set up internship opportunities for students in science and several other fields, including architecture, art (museums and galleries), publishing, public relations/communications, fashion, media, theater, and foundation work.


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  • Melissa Soleimani 

    High School Program Coordinator
    Brandeis University - B.A.
    Boston College - M.A.

What exactly do the students do?

Over the years, Dalton students have held internships in: politics, the arts, science and medicine, business, law, architecture, publishing, theater, and film production. They have teamed with The Public Health Research Institute to conduct research in molecular biology and genetics; cataloged local excavation finds at The Museum of Natural History; assisted curators at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and worked as editorial assistants at major national magazines. By seeing how businesses work and offices are managed, they have gleaned real-life experience and forged relationships with mentors who provide invaluable guidance and insight into future career possibilities. Most importantly, during the course of their internships, the initiative, responsibility, and self-reflection demanded of the students enhance their sense of confidence, competence, and maturity.

How does the program work?

The Directors of the High School Internship Program continuously update and maintain a list of available internships and will help to find new internship opportunities by reaching out to our enthusiastic parent body. Prospective Dalton students are interviewed and carefully matched to the most appropriate program sponsors. These programs are regularly tracked and evaluated to ensure that both students and employers are satisfied.


Internships are an excellent way for Dalton students to gain significant hands-on experience in science, business, media, government and the arts. Summer and after-school internship placements are both available.

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  • Examples of Internship Opportunities Outside of Science. In the course of their internship program, students may:

    • Work with architecture and design firms;
    • Assist in research, marketing, project, and administrative work for theatres and large and small arts institutions and galleries;
    • Gain experience in theatre work, including production management, technical, lighting, props, and costumes;
    • Participate in web site design and computer work for various businesses;
    • Receive exposure to various businesses, working in administrative and marketing roles in fashion, public relations, publishing, music, entertainment law, and management;
    • Assist producers of TV and film productions with reading screenplays, developing story ideas, documentary research, production, and administrative work
    • Work in journalism or on various magazines;
    • Gain hands-on exposure to the law working with the District Attorney, a New York State Supreme Court judge, various attorneys, or in the NYC Police Department;
    • Assist various nonprofit organizations and children's programs;
    • Assist on political campaigns and in government offices;
    • Gain exposure to investment banking through research and administrative work at various financial institutions.
  • Examples of Opportunities in Science

    • Perform Laboratory research in such areas as genetics, immunology, neuroscience, microbiology, engineering, and biochemistry;
    • Do research in infectious diseases and public health;
    • Study brain development, Alzheimers, and psychiatric disorders;
    • Assist physicists at a National Laboratory in investigating subatomic structures and space-worthiness of various materials;
    • Work on computer science projects with teams of NASA scientists and engineers;
    • Study the issues surrounding the earth's atmosphere and climate with scientists at the Goddard Space Institute;
    • Participate in environmental studies research;
    • Observe and perform laboratory work in cardiology;
    • Observe careers in medicine and veterinary medicine;
    • Be placed in Research Internships through formal programs at such institutions as The National Academy of Sciences, Rockefeller University, The Roswell Cancer Institute, Polytechnic University, Cooper Union, and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Become a Sponsor

The Dalton Internship Program provides our High School students with opportunities for significant hands-on experience in science, business, media, government, and the arts. Through after-school and summer placements in museums, architecture firms, research Labs, art galleries, record companies, business and law offices, students have gained exposure to a wide variety of fields. We are now looking to expand the opportunities available to our students.

With their commitment and enthusiasm, Dalton interns have made meaningful contributions to the work of their sponsor organizations. Participants in the Internship Program possess excellent writing and analytical skills as well as the ability to juggle multiple tasks. Several Dalton students have been recognized for their work as interns, including a number of finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search Competition. Recent internships have included experiences such as:
  • Processing finds from local excavations at The American Museum of Natural History;
  • Assisting architects on the design of exhibitions and community-minded projects;
  • Working with a team of doctors at the Public Health Research Institute on research in molecular biology and genetics;
  • Assisting with media events and testing products for Seventeen magazine.
If there is potential for a student internship in the organization with which you are affiliated, we would be pleased to work with you to develop the opportunity. Please contact the HS Internships Coordinator, Ilia Castro at to discuss your opportunity.
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