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  • Robotics

    Students in this course will get hands-on experience in robotics and project management.  Working as members of a team, they will design, build, and program robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge, an international robotics competition.  During the course, students will engage in the full engineering process, including conducting research, designing, fabricating prototypes and testing their ideas many times in search of an optimal solution.  Although many of the assignments require students to work in a group setting, each student will also be assessed on the effective implementation of this iterative process. Classes meet twice a week and each student is required to attend at least one after-school build session (held Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

    Full Year Course, 1.0 credit
  • Introduction to 3-D modeling and printing

    This course is an introduction to 3D printing and parametric modeling software.  Students will gain a working knowledge of this process from digital design to physical product. In addition to skill-based instruction, students will be asked to develop personal projects in response to open-ended prompts.  Students will be asked to think critically about imagery, functionality and the logic of an object in space. No previous knowledge of 3D printing is necessary. Individuals with an existing interest in art or design are strongly encouraged to take the course.

    Meets 1x per week 5:00 to 8:00 PM
    Fall Semester Course, 0.50 credits
  • Engineering & Design Workshop

    Students in the Engineering & Design Workshop are presented with a design challenge and use both traditional and digital tools to design, prototype, and fabricate a product that fits the assigned constraints. While no prior experience with fabrication is required for this course, students with expertise in a fabrication skill (such as 3D printing, sculpting, or laser cutting) will have the opportunity to utilize their skill.

    Meets 1x per week, 5:00 to 8:00 PM
    Spring Semester Course, 0.50 credits
  • Web Engineering

    Web sites are of central importance in today's world, and learning the web toolkit is transformative. This course will focus on the engineering challenges involved in developing applications for the web, with a particular focus on quickly prototyping and building. We will learn to collaboratively construct web applications large and small, exploiting and expanding the skill set of each student in the class. As a team we will participate in hackathons, and push ourselves to have tools ready to build quickly and iterate. We will introduce and focus on javascript, the primary language of the internet. The content of the course will vary per student and be based on experience and strengths.

    Prerequisite: Computer Science 2 and/or receive departmental permission
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits

    Requires Preapproval
  • Sust. Engineering: Renewable Energies

    Students will learn about renewable energy sources with the focus on wind energy. This class, through hands on activities and prototypes, will explore the many requirements it takes to build a windmill from scratch.  Students will develop skills to design blades and learn new Physics concepts to build an electric generator. The final outcome of this class will be a fully functional windmill that can convert wind energy into useful electrical energy.

    Prerequisite: Completion of physics and instructor approval.
    Fall Semester Course, 0.50 credits

    Requires Preapproval
  • Sust. Engineering: Electronics

    Students will learn about electronics components. This class, through hands on activities and prototypes, will explore the many requirements it takes to build an AM radio receiver from scratch. Students will develop skills to build basic electronic components from scratch. The final outcome of this class will be a fully functional AM radio receiver that can be tuned to pick up different stations.

    Prerequisite: Completion of physics and instructor approval.
    Spring Semester Course, 0.50 credits

    Requires Preapproval
  • Problem Solving with Engineering and Design

    This course investigates various topics in science, technology, computer programing, engineering, and mathematics using a series of projects and problems that are both meaningful and relevant to the students lives. Students will develop engineering skills, including design principles, modeling, and presentations, using a variety of computer hardware and software applications to complete assignments and projects. This is a course that focuses on practical applications of science and mathematics to solve real-world issues. Prototyping and project based learning are therefore essential components of the course. Upon completing this course, students will have an understanding of the application of science and mathematics in engineering and will be able to make informed decisions concerning real-world problems. Furthermore, students will have worked on a design team to develop a product or system. Throughout the program, students step into the varied roles engineers play in our society, solve problems in their homes and communities, discover new career paths and possibilities, and develop engineering knowledge and skills. There are no particular math or science prerequisites for this course, just an interest in using STEM to solve problems and a desire to learn!

    This course is offered through our partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA).

    Requires Preapproval


  • Photo of Sloan Warren
    Sloan Warren
    K-12 Engineering Department Chair
    (212) 423-5495 x3192
    University of Pennsylvania - B.A.
    Yale University - Ph.D
  • Photo of Shahar Atary
    Shahar Atary
    Dalton Fellow in the Science Department
    (212) 423-5200x3002
    University of Florida - B.S.
    University of Colorado Law School - J.D.
  • Photo of Tammy Logan
    Tammy Logan
    Engineering and Art Teacher
    (212) 423-5200
    School of Art and Design Purchase College - B.F.A.
    Yale University - M.F.A.
  • Photo of Rob Quatrone
    Rob Quatrone
    Middle School Engineering Coordinator
    (212) 423-5495 x3108
    Columbia College - B.A.
  • Photo of Charles Forster Stewert
    Charles Forster Stewert
    High School Computer Science Teacher
    University of Pennsylvania - B.A.
    French Culinary Institute - Diplome de Boulanger
  • Photo of Katie Yang
    Katie Yang
    MS Engineering Teacher
212.423.5200 | info@dalton.org
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
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