Innov Gnawa - Musicians Performing Moroccan Traditional Chants

Innov Gnawa performs music called Gnawa which is, as quoted from their website, "the ritual trance music of Morocco's black communities, originally descended from slaves and soldiers once brought to Morocco from Northern Mali and Mauritania."
The charismatic quartet, dressed in traditional Moroccan regalia, played hand-made traditional instruments; the Lute-like sintir that the maâlem uses to call the tune, and the metal qarqaba (castanets) and chanted while playing and swaying to the hypnotic music. The attendees joined in traditional dances and learned about how to play the unique instruments in two performances at Little and Big Dalton.

View the complete video from the Big Dalton performance at

Museum Educator Michelle Marcus, PhD. and Percussion Teacher Bill Solomon invited the group and provided additional photos. 
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