High School

Welcome to the High School! I hope that this area of the website will offer a sense of the deep intellectual engagement and overall excitement that Dalton's older students and their teachers experience each day.

The structured freedom that exists at Dalton is designed to allow students opportunities to shape their own educational experience. High school students are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves by further developing skills of decision-making, self-evaluation, and "proportioning effort to attainment" as Helen Parkhurst describes. In pursuing their academic, arts, co-curricular, and athletic programs, high school students develop their passions and abilities while drawing upon our many human and material resources.

The Dalton Plan provides the pedagogical and philosophical foundation of the High School, offering students the community of House, the academic road map of the Assignment, and the academic individualization of Lab. Additionally, the daily classroom experience is marked by lively discussion, active experimentation, and creative participation.
Diverse in background and interests, our students assume leadership roles, not only through guiding classroom discussions but also by participating in a multitude of clubs, committees, and service activities. Many of our co-curricular groups were created by students with the support of faculty advisors.

The Dalton High School government is a direct democracy consisting of students and their House advisors. After resolutions are proposed and debated, each student and faculty member casts a vote. The direct engagement manifest in this system symbolizes the degree to which constructive participation is paramount in the High School community.

Athletics, too, are an important part of the High School experience. We offer a wide array of teams including a co-ed swim team and co-ed cross-country. Additionally, Dalton is the only independent high school in Manhattan that fields a football team. In keeping with the values of our school, commitment and sportsmanship are as valued as victory in the sports arena.

No description of our High School can adequately convey its vitality. I invite you to be in touch with us directly in order to understand more fully the excitement that suffuses our community.

Lisa Yvette Waller, Ph.D.
High School Director