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The primary goal of the High School dance program is to expose students to the process of dance, both as a physical discipline and as a creative and performing art.  Our classes are designed to attract not only dancers and dance aficionados, but also athletes wanting to move with greater ease and efficiency and actors desiring more expressive movement qualities.  We aim to educate, to inspire, and to create both movers and viewers.  In all of our courses, special workshops, guest artists and performances will be featured for enrichment.

Students can take any of our dance classes to fulfill a PE or Art requirement.  Zen Dance, Body Conditioning and PE all excuse student athletes from class while their sport is in season).
Note: Even if you play sports, you are required as a ninth grader to register for either PE or one of the two dance classes mentioned above. 
Taking “Body Conditioning” or “Zen Dance” may only count as an Art Credit if you are not using it for PE credit. You may take two dance classes, one for Art Credit and one for PE credit.
All courses run for a full year, and receive 0.5 to 1.0 credit for the year if taken for Arts or Physical Education credit, except for Dance Theatre Workshop (please note special requirements below).   Courses may not be dropped at mid-year except to resolve a scheduling conflict with an academic subject.  A student may be exempt from specific requirements only at the discretion of the Dance Department.
Any student who participates in athletics or dance outside of school must still be enrolled in a Physical Education or Dance class, even if he or she is on one or more teams during the school year.  Please note that these policies only apply to Body Conditioning and Zen Dance class.  All other dance classes require year round participation, regardless of after school athletics.  Student managers of team sports are not exempt from Dance class during that particular season, even if they manage for two seasons.
The Dance Program is designed to give a well-rounded background in the technical and creative aspects of dance as an art form.  Students who wish to pursue their dance education in greater depth or those who might apply to professional schools or colleges in dance should meet with the Dance Department Chair to discuss recommended courses.  The ideal time to make the decision to concentrate in dance is probably at the end of the 9th grade year.  In this way, by the time a student chooses 10th grade courses, the student will know if student wishes to place dance as a priority choice and prepare for participation in the DTW concert.
Recommended courses for the serious dance student
Contemporary Dance & Composition 1 year
Intermediate Dance Techniques 1- 2 years
Advanced Dance Technique 1- 2 years
Dance Theatre Workshop/Dance Production    1- 2 years
  • A.D.T.: Adv. Dance Technique

    This course is especially designed for the experienced dance student and will focus on the art of dance performance.  Technical, improvisational and performance skills will be developed through an exploration of advanced dance theories and styles.  There will be a focus on proper placement and centering and learning how to use the body most efficiently.
    Prerequisite: Contemporary Dance and Composition and Intermediate Dance Technique.
    Enrollment by the permission of instructor only.

    Full Year Course, 1.0 credit
    Requires Preapproval
  • Body Conditioning

    This course is designed to develop a healthy body that is flexible, strong and well-coordinated.  We begin with a set of non-stop warm-ups & aerobics followed by rigorous arm and leg work.  We will also concentrate on a series of floor repetitions to shape and tone muscles. 
    Class ends with a cool down and relaxation. The course will include methods of stretch, strength and cardiovascular fitness.  This is a demanding class; students will finish each session feeling alert and energetic!
    Prerequisite: None
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits
  • C.D.I.: Contemporary Dance & Improv

    This course has been designed for the student who wants a challenging class in modern technique and improvisation.  Through technical training and creative exploration, the students will work to develop their own movement vocabulary and style.  This class is ideal for students interested in strengthening their technique and exploring the creative elements of modern dance.
    Prerequisite: Dance Mix or Dance Tech or equivalent

    Full Year Course, 1.0 credit
  • Dance Mix

    This course is a prerequisite for those wishing to take CDI.  It is also an excellent choice for Theatre students and non-dancers.  As an introductory technique class, it will concentrate on establishing basic dance skills through a variety of movement experiences.  The course will focus on the fundamental principles of Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theater.  Improvisation and composition will also be included.  Guest artists & video viewings are incorporated into the course.
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits
  • Dance Tech

    Here students can strengthen their technique and dance skills while training in a variety of modern dance styles.  This course is an excellent choice for students who have completed a year of Dance Mix or have had some prior dance experience.
    Prerequisite: Dance Mix or equivalent
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits
  • Dance Theatre Workshop/ Dance Production

    This course provides an opportunity to learn the art of performance, the craft of choreography, and other essential elements of dance production such as: costuming, lighting, sound. First semester, students study the art of composing movement through an exploration of the tools of composition: dynamics, design, structure, and thematic development.  Working in a laboratory situation, they will choreograph solos, duets, and larger group pieces. The major focus of the second semester will be the production of a full-length concert dance performance.  A minimum of 3 hours per week of after-school dance rehearsal time is required in addition to other production work.
    Prerequisite: Advanced Dance Technique. 
    Placement by Audition
    Full Year Course, 1.0 credit
    Requires Preapproval
  • Hip Hop & African Dance

    This course is designed for the student who wants a rigorous, fast-paced class focusing on the techniques of Hip Hop and African Dance.  This class will help to develop rhythmic awareness, cardiovascular endurance and coordination while students learn the origins of Hip Hop through studying African dance. African Dance sessions will be accompanied by live drumming.
    Prerequisite: None
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits
  • I.D.T.: Intermediate Dance Technique

    This class focuses specifically on developing greater skill as a dancer through an in-depth study of technique.  The foundation of the course is a challenging technique class which meets twice a week for an hour and 15 minutes.  The class will integrate the study of a variety of modern dance styles, rigorous ballet work, and somatic practices (various conditioning methods).
    Prerequisite: Placement by approval of Dance Department

    Full Year Course, 1.0 credit
    Requires Preapproval
  • Zen Dance

    Utilizing yoga, stretching, meditation, and relaxation techniques, this course serves as a way to reduce stress and build a strong foundation for proper centering and control.  Through different disciplines, you will explore a more harmonious and expressive way of moving.  This class is designed for both beginner and advanced students who are interested in developing a healthy body with clearer focus both in and outside of class.
    Prerequisite: None
    Full Year Course, 0.50 credits


  • Randi Sloan

    Director of Arts and Dance Teacher
    (212) 423-5371
    Wayne State University - B.F.A.
    University of Michigan
    New York University - M.A.
  • Joanna Brotman

    MS and HS Dance Teacher and K-12 Dance Department Chair
    (212) 423-5495 x3050
    Oberlin College - B.A.
    Laban Institute of Movement Studies - C.M.A.
  • Crystal McCreary

  • Jinah Parker

    Dance Teacher
    (212) 423-5495 x3144
    State University of New York at Buffalo - B.A.
    New York University - M.A.
  • Blake Pearson

    Middle and High School Dance Teacher
    (212) 423-5495 x3134
    Virginia Commonwealth University - B.F.A., Magna Cum Laude
  • Matthew Perez

  • Pam Vlach

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