High School

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Dalton, a student must receive a minimum of 19 academic credits and fulfill the requirements in Arts, Health, Physical Education, and Community Service listed below. All students should be computer literate. Specific departmental requirements are:

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  • Core Classes

    English 4 years, 4 credits
    History 3 years, 3 credits
    Languages 3 years, 3 credits
    Mathematics 3 years, 3 credits
    Science 3 years, 3 credits
  • Computing

    We expect all students to have the following skills before graduation, and these skills are integrated in the curriculum as well as the Computer Science courses:
    • Word Processing
    • Use of a Spreadsheet
    • Internet: search and web technology 
    • Knowledge of the Computer File System
  • Electives & Other Courses

    Arts 2 years (Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts)
    Health 2 semesters (1 in 10th grade and 1 in 12th grade)
    Physical Education 4 years
    Community Service 60 hours
    Other academic electives 3 credits

English, History, Languages, Math, Science, and Computer Science, are considered core courses.

Of these, ninth graders, sophomores, and juniors usually take five per semester, and seniors are strongly recommended to take five (any departure must be approved by the Director of the High School. Seniors must also consult with their college counselor). Because the school values depth of study as well as breadth of knowledge, students may take no more than five core courses, two Arts courses, or two "accelerated" courses (courses indicated with an 'A') without permission of their House Advisor and Director of the High School. One Arts course is taken during the Ninth grade year.

High School Course Catalog