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Experience a day in the life of a Dalton student circa 1939…

Education in the Dalton High School School
September, 1932 to June, 1940
Working Together
Faculty, Students, and Parents –
An Eight-Year Experience

This document was created in conjunction with the Dalton School’s participation in the “Eight Year Study” conducted by the Commission on the Relation of School and College appointed by the Progressive Education Association in 1930.  Completed in 1940 the purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of progressive education in high school on students’ college performance.  Thirty secondary schools, including 13 public schools and seventeen independent schools, and two hundred colleges, were directly involved in the “Eight Year Study.” The Progressive Education Association’s five-volume report on the study was published in 1942.

The Dalton School’s entire original report has been digitized and will be available soon via The Dalton School Archives Digital Collection.  In the meantime, if you would like to view the document, please contact us at archives@dalton.org.
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