Dalton School Archives

Greek Festival

A Dalton Middle School tradition since the 1930’s
The culmination of weeks of immersion into Ancient Greek culture, history, art and literature, the middle school Greek Festival is a prime example of Helen Parkhurst's vision of interdisciplinary curriculum.  Each year the fifth grade would perform a program of drama, dance, poetry, and music and present artistic displays of Greek Temples and Greek Tiles all created by the students, based on their study of Ancient Greece.  In 1978-1979, as the middle school curriculum evolved, the Greek Festival became a sixth grade project that continues to be a milestone event for middle school students at The Dalton School today.
The Archives’ holdings of Greek Festival items include programs, photographs, albums, invitations, announcements, planning notes, and correspondence, as well as video and audio recordings.  The earliest of these items is a complete program dated February 8, 1935.
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