First Program Library
James R. Hurst Library (K-3)

Take A Look At Our MakerNook

The First Program Library unveiled its brand new space designed for problem-solving and STEAM activities.
The MakerNook, which is enjoyed by students in Kindergarten through Grade 3, has transformed Dalton's previous library storage area into an interactive space where students use school supplies and their own ingenuity to build projects as well as tackle weekly challenges. The space currently includes a Lego wall, chalk wall, collapsible table, and various art materials which students use to solve the task at hand. While these challenges are designed to be fun and exciting, they also incorporate many of Dalton's most important principles such as intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, creativity, celebrating mistakes, and collaboration. 

We'd like to take the time to thank librarians Christine Nassar and Maria Alegre, Library Director Christy Payne, and the entire FP facilities department for making this wonderful concept and making this space come to life!

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